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Starting a business requires several things to be in place. One of the things to consider when planning to set up is finding an office space. For this reason, potential entrepreneurs and business owners spend time and resources searching for office spaces that would adequately meet their business needs. As such, this information should be readily available in the market to ease the process of buying, renting, and leasing.

Through technology, the journey to finding office spaces has been made easy for businesses through digital platforms that connect real estate services to online property seekers. This article aims to provide readers with practical tips as they plan their journey to find their next office space.

Navigating through the labyrinth

As Nairobi is the capital city, it goes without saying that finding office space can be a daunting task when one does not know where to start. Gone are the days when property developers, realtors, and commercial property managers relied on print media to market and advertise properties for sale or rent.

With the advent of the digital age, futuristic thinking businesses have had to adapt to new technologies to capitalize on an ever-increasing online market. In line with this shift, real estate companies have also made tremendous strides in this direction. Multiple property agencies have shifted their market approach by harnessing traditional branding strategies with online branding to capture this new market spectrum.

This move has effectively made it easy to access real estate services online by eliminating the unnecessary hustles formerly associated with knocking on doors in search of office space. Today, with a click of a button, property seekers can easily navigate through websites in the comfort of their rooms and access building options with pertinent details to help them make informed choices.

Equipped with a simple Android smartphone, finding your next office space anywhere in Nairobi should be as easy as walking down your neighborhood store.
To avoid being duped by unscrupulous actors in your online endeavor to find space, the following is a list of things you can observe to improve your property search online.

Things to check out when picking your next office option

  • Ensure that you have a qualifying list of items at hand to help you in picking up on the right available space i.e. size and price-rate
  • Browse through multiple websites to find the best offers that are available in the market
  • Ensure that you visit websites that have reputable backgrounds by referring to testimonials from served clients in addition to online Google reviews
  • Check to find out if their listing is up to date to avoid being duped by stale posts of occupied properties
  • Ask for a tour of preferred building option(s) (whether virtual or physical) and determine beforehand under who’s cost the tour shall be charged (this is in case of a physical tour)
  • Desist from making payments where enough details/documentation have not been shared with you to facilitate the process i.e. lease agreements, legal documents, etcetera.

Applying strategic approach

As Nairobi expansively becomes a middle-income economy, property development for commercial use has steadily shifted from the central business district towards the adjacent peripheral areas. This expansion shift has also brought with it a restructuring of office spaces from the old single office rooms to open shared spaces that offer highly exquisite spaces that are well furnished at affordable rates.

Such spaces have complimented the efforts of start-up companies as they have transferred the stress of office furnishing to property developers. By leasing or renting well-furnished office spaces, business owners can shift their focus to other aspects of their business without constantly worrying about the logistics associated with moving areas.

Identifying the nature of your business is central to determining the appropriate location where you are to set up your business. Your business location speaks to your vision and ideals as a company right from the onset. Therefore, finding an office space that augments your image as a brand should be a top priority on your to-do list.

Check out some office spaces below

There are a couple of areas in Nairobi that harbor a host of excellent spaces that would work well for businesses bent on having state-of-the-art modern facilities as part of their business surroundings.

Click the following link for virtual viewership of available office spaces at

What to avoid as you launch out

A while back, I remember receiving an invitation for a job interview at a venue in Westlands, Nairobi. The venue itself had an impressive look right from the reception heading into the inner parts of the office. From the outset, everything represented elegance and professionalism.

However, from the surface of things, it was not evident to the eye that these were hourly-paid office spaces that one could rent and occupy on an hourly basis based on the work at hand. Unlike monthly rental arrangements that allow unlimited access to the facility all through the course of the day, the former only grants access within the limits of a single hour. Thus the extent of tenancy at the time of my interview was limited to what the interviewer had agreed to with the renter.

Quite impressive – huh? But, not sustainable as a long-term plan.

While this kind of arrangement may seem to be price-effective in the short term, it cannot adequately meet the demands of a business keen on scaling up such as team building and establishing good customer relations. Such short-term arrangements are only appropriate for extensional work away from the main office building but should be a big NO when considered as an alternative to holding a permanent physical location.

Saying no to briefcase office

To alternate to such an arrangement as a long-term business strategy is no different than what used to be referred to as a briefcase office way back in the 90s. Back then, before short-term office space for let came into place, unscrupulous businessmen and women were famous for walking around while carrying briefcases claiming to be owners of companies but with no physical location – thus came the term “briefcase office.”

What followed were rampant cases of fraudulent activities exacted on innocent citizens by smartly dressed briefcase office operators who made a reputation living off nothing more than mere conmanship. Therefore, in today’s business landscape, anyone looking to start a reputable business must practice good business ethics that demand that a business have a functional physical location as opposed to running a briefcase office.

This is where renting or leasing fully furnished office spaces helps save the day as it provides your business with the physical framework needed for building a trusted brand as an entrepreneur or business owner.

In Nairobi, several areas do offer appealing office spaces worth considering in your search efforts

List of areas suitable for your office space in Nairobi

  • Westlands
  • Upperhill
  • Mombasa road
  • Kilimani
  • Hurlingham
  • Milimani
  • Adams

From the shared list above, let us now run a quick analysis on five of the seven mentioned areas as numerically numbered and offer an overview of each area in terms of its distance from Nairobi CBD, price range, and, availability of space where necessary with relevant links attached to it. It’s worth keeping in mind that the area where each business chooses to operate will objectively be broad beyond the scope provided in this shared list.

Area analysis based on available data

  • Westlands, Nairobi: Located slightly between 4.3km – 5.4km from the Nairobi CBD depending on the street you are driving from, Westlands provides a convenient environment in which you can set up your office. The average price for an office space as per Kenya Property Centre statistics is placed at an average of Ksh 178,000 pm with the highest being Ksh 174,000 pm. The cheapest office space is rated at KSH 45,000 pm. As of the time of the writing of this article, there are 51 available spaces at
  • Upperhill Nairobi: With a distance of about 3 km from Nairobi CBD, Upperhill is host to some of the high skyscrapers in Nairobi with office spaces estimated to be as low as Ksh 14,995 according to a recent advert by Star Times newspaper dated August 2023
  • Mombasa Road, Nairobi: Mombasa Road covers the distance between Nairobi city stadium to city cabanas by use of public transit vehicles on a normal working day. According to office space along Mombasa Road can go for as low as Ksh 8,900 pm with amenities like parking space and water provided for under the same budget! However, with such an offer, precaution on the side of the property seeker is advisable to avoid falling victim to fraud and other forms of distraught.
  • Kilimani, Nairobi: Depending on the size of the office (which factor is also true of the former aforementioned) offices in the Kilimani area range from Ksh 42,000 pm for a 350ft square to Ksh 147, 175 pm for an 875ft square according to However, there are cheaper options that start for as little as Ksh 10,000 pm according to a recent ad post by Caution is always advised when looking into such options to avoid unwanted endings.
  • Hurlingham, Nairobi: Adjacent to Kilimani and Upperhill Nairobi is Hurlingham estate which plays host to Day Star University and a host of other landmark buildings like Nairobi Landmark Plaza in Argwins Kodhek and Qwetu Student Residencies. With prices ranging from as low as Ksh 30,000ksh with an average of Ksh 165,00 pm to a Maximum of Kes 300,000 pm according to, hurligham offers the next best place to set up your office space. It is located around a 3 km drive from Nairobi CBD with close to limited office spaces for rental. Go out and get it while the offer still stands!

Do you due diligence

As can be witnessed from the shared area analysis, office spaces are readily available and, its therefore upon the property seeker to find out what suits their preference in terms of location and the convenience thereof.

With the advancement of technology and the adoption of online branding by businesses in real estate, property seekers no longer have to sweat off their brow before landing a suitable place to set up their office. By simply transferring their search efforts onto search engines like Google, a display of property website grants them unlimited access to building options for both homes and office spaces that they can personally or corporately choose from based on their budget and preference.

However, with that said, it still befits each property seeker to take time and conduct their due diligence before making any financial commitments and thus this approach cannot be overstated especially when dealing with less reputable firms that are yet to prove their credibility. As circumstances may allow, seek to observe the items shared on the aforementioned checklist just to make sure that the dots are aligning together before making any payments whether it be physically or virtually for that matter.

The bottom line…

In conclusion, having a physical business location expresses the intention of a business to want to build on solid grounds where they become accountable to their target audience both internally, and externally. The lack thereof only serves to create the wrong impression in the minds of those keen on your business activities and offers space for your competitors to thrive.

Therefore, in light of the above, the challenge for every entrepreneur and potential business owner is to ensure that they utilize online platforms to their advantage in getting the best offers available for office spaces.

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The above article should not be misconstrued as professional realtor advice but is the opinion of the author thus the use of it as a basis to formulate decisions on what to buy, rent, lease, and, vice versa, shall utterly be at the user’s discretion.

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