Our Company

Who We Are

Our Story

Smart Kabisa Property Affiliates was founded sometime in September of 2023 to serve as an intermediary marketing agency to individuals and companies dealing in disposable real estate assets. We are a commercial real estate agency that collaborates with individual property owners, developers, and realtors to help promote, advertise, and market commercial and residential properties listed for sale, rent, or lease. With a focus on digital marketing, our online platforms are purposely dedicated to publishing of available property details listed for rental, sale, or lease to target audiences online. We are motivated by a desire to connect potential homeowners and officeholders to trustworthy individuals and businesses within the real estate market. As affiliate marketers, our role revolves around lead generation for our partners by use of our marketing channels. We endeavor to do our due diligence in making sure that property details published on our platforms are genuinely authentic and, readily available for the stated purposes for which we promote it on behalf of our partners. This is informed by our desire to cushion leads generated from our channels from falling victim to fraudsters and unscrupulous property dealers. We are passionate about providing a smooth seamless transition to persons looking to move into their next home or office space.


  • To establish a database of properties available for rental, sale, and lease all across the different parts of the country and connect buyers and renters with the property owners or realtors
  • Work with buyers and renters to better understand their needs and preferences to provide them with the best property options
  • Determining and making available  relevant documentation(s) (where applicable) needed between transacting parties to facilitate a seamless transaction
  • Assist both potential and existing clients through their property acquisition journey by offering professional advice as need arise
  • Establish a trustworthy network of professionals in real estate as partners in the business
  • Offer site visits or tours to our clients

Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Creativity
  • Inclusivity

Our Vision

To become a beacon of excellence in real estate as an affiliate marketer by continually delivering and growing our market cover within Kenya and East Africa at large.

Our Mission

To be a reliable lead generation channel connecting property buyers, renters, and lessors to trustworthy property dealers.

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